Monday, October 9, 2017

The Advantage of Sublimation Clothing Printing Vs Silk Screen Printing Method

T shirt printing has been in the industry and the market for a very long time now and the evolution of printing has come a long way from the prints, designs, methods, and the equipment that is being used today. One of the methods that are now being used is what we call "sublimation clothing printing". This method of printing takes us back to a subject in school which is Science whereas our teachers explain solid, liquid, and gas. But how is that related to t shirt printing? Well, sublimation printing is a method of which solid is turned into gas without going through liquid change. A bit puzzled?

Remember in school when we make experiments in the science lab or even at home, solid things like ice melts which turns to liquid then evaporates? That is a typical example of solid that turns to liquid and then gas. With sublimation clothing printing, dye that is solid turns directly to a gas state without becoming liquid. The method is done using a special printing machine that can create prints that are more detailed than the ordinary screen printing method.

One of the advantages of sublimation printing is the end product. Sublimation prints are more durable than screen prints. How is that so? Screen prints normally stays on top of a fabric or normally a t shirt, which in time would peel off or crack with regular washing of the clothing. Sublimation prints, on the other hand, enter the pores of the shirt and stays permanently on the fabric that makes it durable. Washing and wearing will not make the print crack or peel off.

Now that you have an idea on what good sublimation clothing printing can do for you, might as well choose the sublimation method if you want to have a long lasting print on your favorite shirt. This also goes with companies and businesses that have their staff and crew that needs printed uniforms, prints will last longer and may not need to do new prints now and then just because the company logo peeled off or have already faded. That being said, fewer expenses for employee uniforms with logos and happier staff with printed shirts that do not crack, peel or fade.

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